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Chongqing Jinnuo Engineering Cost Consulting Co., LTD., founded in July 2006, is a company focusing on systematic engineering cost consulting services。Company headquarters is located in Chongqing Dadukou District Tianan city.Yungu, with nearly 1,800 square meters of modern office space, office equipment and software complete, currently in Xiushan, Qianjiang, Zhong County, Ningxia, Gansu and other places set up studios or project departments。In 2010, the company passed the qualification verification of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and obtained the Grade A qualification of project cost consulting。It has been evaluated by Chongqing Construction Project Cost Management Association and won the enterprise credit evaluation grade AAAA, the highest enterprise credit evaluation grade AAA of China Construction Project Cost Management Association in 2019, and has been awarded the title of "Advanced unit" by the Municipal cost Management Association since 2014。
We have established a strict quality schedule management system, and built a comprehensive quality schedule control system with scientific system composition, standardized process management, fine node control, strict grading review, strict reward and punishment system and regular vocational training。We adhere to the "create value, tree reputation, healthy and sustainable development" business philosophy。Quality is our lifeline, morality is our high voltage line。We do not deliberately pursue scale, but we deliberately pursue quality, we are not more than the price of service, but we want to fight the value of service。Think what customers want, urgent customers urgent, to create the greatest value for customers is our eternal goal。
In order to create a systematic and standardized management of enterprises, we have built a company information integration management platform to achieve paperless office of business management and administrative management, and use the information platform to automatically accumulate result files and form an economic data index database of all projects, truly realizing a data-oriented scientific management model。Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the mission of "solving customer needs, realizing employee value and saving social resources", guided by the values of "professionalism, focus, integrity, efficiency, growth and gratitude", and adhered to the practice principles of "independence, objectivity and fairness"。After a long period of hard work, we have a sound cost consulting service system, a comprehensive information management system, a refined operation control system, and a stepped talent training system。

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